London Crime Reduction Board

The London Crime Reduction Board (LCRB) was established in 2010. Its aims to improve accountability between the Mayor of London and local authority partners in crime and disorder reduction; "through the delivery of an agreed partnership strategic plan".
The LCRB meets quarterly and carries out a number of functions including:
  • reviewing high-level intelligence on crime and public concerns about safety and agreeing pan-London policing and crime priorities

  • establishing shared priorities for pan-London approaches, where these can demonstrably add value to the work of local partnership activity

  • providing a consultative link with central government departments on crime strategy development

  • identifying and resolving barriers to delivering a co-ordinated approach to the crime and disorder agenda within London

Although these meetings are not public, notes of the meetings can be found on the LCRB page of the London Government website - link above

Managing the Delivery of the Mayor's Police and Crime Plan for London

The Board undertakes the important role of "driving forward the delivery of the Police and Crime Plan". This role was agreed at the Board meeting of 26 April 2013. This was agreed members were circulated with a paper to support discussions with a view to securing agreement on the ownership of the plan from across the LCRB and to agree how the Board will take the delivery of the plan forward.

Full details of the ensuing discussion, and agreements can be seen here.

LCRB Membership

Mayor of London ~ Boris Johnson
Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime (DMPC) ~ Stephen Greenhalgh
London Councils Mayor ~ Jules Pipe
London Councils ~ Cllr Claire Kober
London Councils~ Cllr Philippa Roe

When the London Crime Reduction Board was reintroduced in 2010 a decision was taken that the membership of the Board would comprise of the elected Mayor for London, three political representatives of London local authorities (nominated by the London local authorities group London Councils) and the London Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime.


Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police ~ Craig Mackey
National Offender Management Service ~ Lucy Bogue
Crown Prosecution Service ~  Alison Saunders
Principal Political Advisor ~  Blair Gibbs MOPAC
Head of Commissioning for Public Health, Health in the Justice System ~ Alison Frater NHS London
Chief Executive for London Councils ~ John O’Brien London Councils
Chief Executive for London Probation ~ Heather Munroe London Probation
Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor ~ Andrew Baxter Crown Prosecution Service
Mayor’s Political Advisor ~ Ben Gasgoine Greater London Authority
Chief Operating Officer ~ Helen Bailey Mayor’s Office for Policing & Crime
Head of Pan-London Policing and Crime Strategy ~ Siobhan Coldwell Mayor’s Office for Policing & Crime

The officers in attendanace or those that deputise for them represent the key services/partnership organisations committed to the delivery of Mayor's Police and Crime Plan.

LCRB priorities

In addition to the delivery of the Mayor's Police and Crime plan, the LCRB has identified three issues where joint planning and delivery are currently key to London:

  • tackling gangs
  • tackling anti-social behaviour
  • reducing re-offending

Delivery Management Group (DMG)

A multi-agency chief officer group, chaired and convened by Craig Mackey Deputy Police Commissioner, supports the LCRB. The strategic aim of the DMG is responsible for ensuring the 'delivery' of the LCRB priorities for "reducing ASB, crime and reoffending by maximising the capabilities of partners through coordinated delivery". This group, in turn, is supported by a 'Task and Finish' group.

Recent Minutes of Meetings of the LCRDB

April 2013 - Review and adoption of the Mayor's Police and Crime Plan

December 2012 - general business meeting including final draft of Police and crime Plan  (including discussion of Safer Neighbourhood Board  development).

September 2012 - general business meeting including review of draft Police and Crime Plan, update on LCRB priorities and Neighbourhood Watch

July 2012 - general business meeting including review of LCRB priorities (Gangs, Reducing Reoffending and Anti Social Behaviour)