Policy, Performance and Resources

Commissioners Policy Forum

This policy discussion, information and development forum, which meets monthly, was established by the Commissioner of the MPS in December 2011. Its terms of reference were agreed in January 2012 (not currently publicly available) and its membership includes both senior uniformed and civilian staff concerned with the development and implementation of MPS policies (approximately 40 Forum members). From October 2012 the Commissioner identified that it would take on additional duties as the Management Board focused more of its attention on the development and implementation of the Change Programme.

In addition to standing business items - such as the Directorate of Resources 'Monitoring Summary' topics discussed include:

  • Report recommending the extension of the use of Tazers
  • MPS Corporate Communications Strategy
  • Public Order Tactics
  • Development and implementation of an MPS social media strategy
  • Increasing MPS access to the internet
  • Inquiry into the Jimmy Savile case and press interest in the matter
  • Mayoral manifesto crime and policing pledges
  • Census 2012 and its implications for MPS future planning
  • MPS Change Programme

Performance Board

The Performance Board is led by the Assistant Commissioner for Territorial Policing; who is responsible for the day to day policing of London. This role includes driving performance and service across the 32 London Borough commands, the Safer Transport Command, a number of specialist units and the Communications and Contact centres. To support this work the Performance Board meets on a monthly basis to review and support improvements in police performance.

Items discussed include:
  • Review of the Business Group performance indicators
  • Progress in delivering the Commissioners Ten Commitments
  • Sickness
  • Call handling response times
  • HMIC National Performance Regime

Resources Board

The Resources Directorate management meet as the Resources Operational Board (to give it its full title), normally on a monthly basis. It is responsible for human resrouces, property services, financial services, customer and commercial services, and procurement. This is substantial a non-uniform (civilian) board, necessarily has close links to the senior management team of the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC): in terms of which MOPAC is described as a 'stakeholder'.

The Board considers all key issues related to the management of resources used by the Metropolitan Police Service and is significantly impacted by the MPS/MOPAC Change Programme including the management, rationalisation and sale of MPS estate which is surplus to requirements.

There are standing business items, topics discussed include:

  • Olympics/Paralympics
  • Met Change Programme
  • Human Resources
  • Publishing Gifts and Hospitality
  • Budgets
  • Health and Safety
  • Future Model of Support Services
  • Estates Strategy
  • Procurement Services