London Communities Policing Partnership (LCP2)

LCP2 is a charity whose main aim is to “promote for the benefit of the public within [Greater] London improved strategic community engagement with the police...”1.

It provides training and support to its members – London’s Safer Neighbourhood Boards (SNBs) and other community and police engagement, consultation and accountability groups (see here). LCP2 works with the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime, the Metropolitan Police Service and other organisations and individuals aiming to achieve effective and accountable policing in a safer London (see here).

LCP2 e.bulletin

LCP2 published a monthly plus e.bulletin with information about Met Police and MOPAC developments as well as general developments in national policing engagement and accountability.


LCP2 is an independent charitable body.  Its members2 are formally organised consultation groups which seek to provide a representative voice for local communities in London to enable effective community and police engagement, consultation and accountability.

LCP2 Objectives

LCP2's objectives are to:

• Work on behalf of our member groups to improve strategic community police engagement for the 32 London boroughs through close liaison/dialogue with the MOPAC, the MPS and other pan London groups.

• Work in partnership with the MOPAC, MPS, GLA, London Criminal Justice Partnership, Home Office and local level bodies such as Safer Neighbourhood Teams and Ward Panel link members to assist in policy development and training.

• Alert MOPAC, the GLA and the MPS to emerging London-wide issues connected with policing, police community relations and community safety more generally.

• Be a key point of contact between member groups and MOPAC, the MPS and GLA.

• Advocate on behalf of member groups.

• Support the development of member groups in police community engagement, consultation and accountability by offering practical support and advice; through training and mentoring the dissemination of examples of best practice; and through the production of a regular bulletin and an open website presence covering relevant topical and emerging issues.

• Undertake commissioned work in support of community police engagement, consultation and accountability of MOPAC, MPS and other relevant bodies.

• Keep member groups updated and informed of MOPAC, the London Assembly Police and Crime Committee (P&CC) and MPS reports and policy and encourage pan-London debates on these issues.
• Provide a London wide Chairs Forum to share information, provide support to member groups and review issues related to undertaking the work in the most effective ways.

• Develop membership to include all community groups that provide community and police engagement, consultation and accountability at borough and pan London levels.
The LCP2 works to ensure that community based police engagement, consultation and accountability groups within all London boroughs are well informed, totally independent and representative of all London communities.

  • Improve strategic community engagement in London through close liaison with the MPA, the MPS and SNBs.
  • Offer practical support and advice on how to effectively consult with the police and communities by initiating debate and consultation with all relevant organisations. 
  • Be the first point of contact to all SNBs for the provision of training, advice and assistance. We are building a small strong and proactive workforce to assist and aid SNBs as and when appropriate.
  • Identify and disseminate examples of best practice in police community engagement.
  • Produce a digest

LCP2 Current Activities

LCP2 is working with its members, the London Assembly, the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime and the Metropolitan Police Service and various local, regional and national organisation.

It supports a London Safer Neighbourhood Boards forum for discussion and consultation on key strategic and tactical issues; individual advice and support to borough based groups; it canvasses its members opinions on current issues to support policy development; provides briefings on community and police engagement in the London LCP2 also publesh a regular e.bulletin and undertakes related activities in support of its charitable objects.

For further information on the work of LCP2 contact

1. LCP2 Memorandum of Association
2. Groups eligible for membership are London based community and police, engagement, consultation and accountability groups such as Safer Neighbourhood Boards, local and pan London Independent Advisory Groups, Independent Custody Visitors and local Stop and Search Monitoring Groups and their British Transport Police and Royal Parks Police equivalents .