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Planning for Metropolitan Police Budget Cuts  

The pressure on the Metropolitan Police to continue to reduce their costs was discussed recently (June 2017) at the London Assembly's Budget Performance Committee:

• The Met has made £600 million in savings and must make another £400 million by 2020.

• The Home Office is re reviewing it national police funding formula and the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) believes the Met could lose between £184 million and £700 million when the final review is published.

• MOPAC is therefore planning for further budget cuts of between three and six per cent by 2020.

• The Met is assuming the revised formula could require it to cut officer numbers to just over 30,000 – roughly 2,000 fewer than the Mayor of London’s strategic target.

• The Met is also likely to see more “significant reductions” in its available front counters as property sales continue.

Policing and accountability


The Met is accountable for the money spent carrying out its duties and the way it enforces the law but that accountability is not easy to understand because the systems for managing the MPS and scrutinising its services are complex and 'online accountability' is weak and fragmented.

  • Who manages the Metropolitan Police?
  • What is the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC)?
  • Why are the police expected to consult with their local communities?
  • Where are the services responsible for community safety in London?
  • When is the work of the police scrutinised?

This site has been developed to try to answer those questions and foster a better understanding of the management of London's police and how the police service is accountable to the public.

Our aim is to provide at one location, the basic information about the who, what, why, when and how, of the Metropolitan Police, MOPAC and their crime reduction partners.

www.safer-london.info is intended to be a helpful guide and not a substitute for accessible, accurate and transparent public information published by the Metropolitan Police Service and MOPAC.

London Policing & Crime Plan  

The Police & Crime Plan 2017-2021 was published in March 2017. The plan sets out the strategic vision of the Mayor of London (elected as the person who commissions the work of the Met) and directly links to the Mayor's manifesto promises.

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